Kodak Gold in a Pentax 67

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It's amazing how often people lust after travel, imagining the exotic places they can go see without realizing that they live somewhere interesting as well. 

Every place has its own charm, its own unique locales, and its own magic and charm. Sure you see it every day as you commute to work or school, but when was the last time you actually strove to REALLY see it? Take a second look at all the areas around you, you might be surprised at the amazing beauty and adventures that await you in your own backyard. 

Last Saturday my family and I decided to do just that. Since I'm often left needing to test cameras I've recently restored, we like to go on "Camera Test" adventures, where I grab a bunch of recently serviced cameras and we hit the road with no destination at all in mind. 

This weekend I grabbed several, a Pentax 67 that I chose to load with 35mm film for some panoramic sprocket hole shots like the one at the top of this article, a Canon F1 with my favorite lens a 55mm F/1.2 FD, and a soviet Zenit 3M. 

We headed out of town letting Gavin pick which way we went at every intersection, and eventually ended up on highway 224, which spans from Portland all the way across Mt Hood and into eastern Oregon. We followed the highway for a while before stopping at a roadside bend to take a look at an interesting lava field along the river. 

Kodak Gold in a Pentax 67

Untitled photo

We hopped over the guardrail and hiked down a little trail where we ended up seeing an amazing lava field and rapids. Unfortunately the F1's meter was acting up(One of many reasons every camera gets at least 1 test roll!) and the photos of that spot didn't turn out. 

After hiking back to the car and hitting the road again we meandered through amazing roadside rock formations like the one pictured below: 

Ilford Pan F+ In a Canon F1

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Eventually we got off Highway 224, and adventured up state route 57, where we soon ran out of pavement and conquered the gravel pathway. 

This turned out to be a fantastic choice as we ended up at Timothy Lake, and it's amazing view of the peak of Mt Hood (Pictured at top). 

All of this was within a few hours drive from home, no plane required, no passport needed, and all its splendor was in places I'd never seen before that time. 

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